Restoring a goblet…I hope

Some of you may know that I really like to do DIY stuff. Since most of my time is free now, I decided to try this. Brass goblet A few years ago, I bought the goblet you see in the photo above at a Renaissance fair. I noticed that it was looking a bit dingy. … Continue reading Restoring a goblet…I hope

Valentine’s Day Movie Review: Candyman (1992)

Candyman (Began yesterday on 2/14/20) Greetings, everyone. I thought for Valentine's Day today I'd do something a little different: a movie review. But I'm not reviewing a romantic comedy/film. Oh, no, we're doing something different. We're actually going to review a horror film. On today's agenda we'll be looking at Bernard Rose's 1992 Gothic slasher … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Movie Review: Candyman (1992)