Ice Cream Sunday

On Sunday, I took part in an annual event that I’ve been a part of for about a year now.

Ice Cream Sunday is one of the biggest events at the Farm and Ranch Museum. It’s pretty much an event all about America’s bestselling dessert. And seeing as it falls on National Ice Cream Day, it’s a win-win.

I worked at the ice cream in a bag station. If you don’t know what that is, Google “how to make ice cream in a bag”. But pretty much what you do is put your ice cream fixings in a quart freezer bag, and then fill up a gallon freezer bag with ice and rock salt (or ice cream salt, which is the same thing, I think). You place the quart bag into the gallon bag, shake it for 5-10 minutes or until it solidifies, and boom! Homemade ice cream without an ice cream maker.

The kids and parents really seemed to enjoy making it. And I enjoyed showing them how.

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This Week in Review #1

I hope everyone’s had a good weekend. I thought I would take this time to write down what I’ve done, what I’ve read, and what I’ve watched this week. Hopefully you’ll be inspired!



What I’ve read:


  1. Fairy Tales: Hans Christian Andersen

This is actually one of my favorite editions of the fairy tales. Whenever I feel the need to be inspired, I read these fairy tales. All the classics are there (The Emperor & the Nightingale, The Emperor’s New Clothes, and of course, my personal favorite The Little Mermaid), as well as some I’ve never read before (The Gardener & the Gentry, The Tinder Box, and the Darning Needle). I find these to be relaxing.


  1. It’s Not Always Easy Being Iceland’s Best Witchcraft Museum

Now this is a fascinating article. Found in a small town in Iceland’s Westfjords, this details a tiny museum dedicated to the dark art of witchcraft; this is also one of the town’s only ways to draw in tourist dollars. And you learn about a “witch craze” that happened in Iceland during the 1700s, not unlike the Salem witch hunts. I think I’ll put this place on my bucket list of places to visit.


  1. The Illustrated World Encyclopedia of Knives, Swords, Spears & Daggers: Through History In Over 1500 Photographs

When I need a quick reference for a weapon, this is the book I pull out. It also has a great suggestion for collecting, if you’re so inclined.


What I’ve watched:


  1. Auschwitz: The Nazis and the Final Solution

I know, I know; why would I recommend something like this? Well, for one reason: it’s possibly one of the best I’ve seen about World War II. Done by the BBC, this has reenactors portraying the events of the camp combined with interviews from the prisoners and the guards themselves. There were some moments, though, where I had to pause and collect my thoughts because of what they were talking about. So watch at your own risk.


  1. Stranger Things

I don’t why it’s taken me so long to watch this series, but well, I’m watching it now, and man is it awesome! If you like 80s nostalgia, quirky characters, and creepy monsters, then this is your show. Season 2 is set to premiere on Halloween this year, so binge watch season 1 now!


  1. The Little Prince

I found this one by accident while searching through Netflix one night. The Little Prince is one of my favorite books, and to finally see it in animated form is pretty great. They go back and forth to the original story, and then to the guiding story. I would definitely recommend watching this. And have some tissues ready.


What I’ve done:

I really only did one thing this week, but it was fun, I got to do exhibit patrol for the Farm and Ranch museum during the annual Gem and Mineral show (affectionately known as The Museum ROCKS!). I would make sure people hadn’t gone into a certain gallery with open food and drink containers, and I would also check in with the front desk and let them know how many people were in the gallery. Then I walked around the vendors and bought some amethyst crystals for my little sister.


There we go, what I did this past week. Now time to relax for the rest of Sunday. Peace out.


Today is (was) National Pizza Day, and I don’t know about you guys, but I love pizza.

Pizza, to me, is one of those comfort foods. You eat a piping hot (well, not scorching hot) slice, and already you feel better, even though you’ve probably consumed more calories that you shouldn’t be eating. But you feel great, and relaxed.

My favorite pizza topping is pepperoni. And then it’s extra cheese, and then anchovies, and then green olives. Yum.

Dang it, now I want pizza.