Yesterday wasn't one of my best days. I got depressed and had to clock out. Ah, well. Today will be better. I do have to go to a restaurant to review it so that'll be fun! Because if there's one thing I like to do, it's to write about and eat food.



I'd read an article a while back about how high school students were sneaking extracts in their coffee because they have alcohol in them. And it reminded me of two incidents that happened in my younger days. The first was in middle school. I had washed and rinsed out a little perfume bottle & filled … Continue reading Musing


I was adulting today by redoing my dresser drawers after cleaning the utility room bathroom. I finished my long dresser drawer today. Tomorrow I'll attempt to do the other one. I plan to finish them by the end of the week. I feel very accomplished.


Man, we just had a delicious meal. Acorn squash with brown rice, craisins, toasted walnuts, onions and Italian cheese blend. Yum! If you want to make it, here is a recipe. They use spaghetti squash, and mozzarella but you could probably use whatever squash and cheese you want.