Tolkien Blogging Project!

What does this mean? Allow me to explain.

I’m doing my annual rereading of everything Tolkien, and last night, I had a brilliant idea:

What if I blogged about reading Tolkien, from The Hobbit to The Silmarillion? An experience like no other!

Of course, Alyssa made the suggestion that I shouldn’t blog about each chapter, but do it in three parts. I’m taking her suggestion to heart. For example, with Hobbit, I would start from An Unexpected Part to Queer Lodgings, then from Flies and Spiders to A Warm Welcome, and so on and so forth.

I hope you all will enjoy this undertaking.

There is so much I want to do to you (slightly PG)

I want to take you into my arms, to hold you so close our heartbeats sync.

I want to breath in your scent and touch your silky skin, so soft and smooth.

But I want to kiss you.

I want to take your face in my hands, to drink deeply of your mouth, to feel you moan into mine, to have your hands run through my hair as you try to draw me into you, to almost try to fuse together.

I want to disrobe you, to bare you to my eyes.

I want to lower you to your bed, to see your skin stark against the color of your sheets.

I want to touch you, to worship you with my hands, to tease your every curve until you’re going crazy under my touch.

I want to hear your voice, to hear your angelic sounds ringing through the air.

I want to taste your kisses, to feel you melting on my tongue like a sugared, crystalline snowflake. I want to remember and savor you.

I want you, as much as I want all of this.

I wonder if you know…


I wrote this a while back when I was thinking about how it seems that most people forget about the lyricism of love, of sensuality. It seems to me that most fiction writers, specifically romance writers, have lost that.