Chew on this

​We got the Time magazine in the mail recently. My mom asked me if I wanted to keep it. It’s got DT on the cover. 

I said yes, because I’ve found that certain events need to be remembered. It *is* a historical event, after all. 

It’s also a trend. I have the one where Hilary was declared the Democratic candidate, the one from Obama winning, of his inauguration.

But then I have ones that have meaning to me. I have Robin Williams, David Bowie, Prince, and even the one that was published when Revenge of the Sith came out (when we all thought it was going to be the *last* movie, lol).

And I wasn’t the only one. We were cleaning out the garage a long time ago, and we found my Grandma had saved Time and Life magazines from Kennedy’s assassination, the March on Washington, and even when Nixon resigned. 

History is meant to be remembered and to be taught. And to me, the Time covers are an example of that.

This  might be the only political post I ever write.

Some of you might be feeling what I’ve been feeling this morning.


Disbelief . 



Probably a mixed bag of everything and more.

And I personally feel that one reason why is that no one took anything Mr. You Know Who said seriously last year.

And yet here we are.

He’s now in the White House . And he’ll be there for four years.

Am I scared? Yes, I am . 

I’m scared because I’m gay, I’m a woman, and I live in a state where the majority of people are Hispanic . 

I’m scared because my brother, who is transitioning from female to male, might not be able to use the bathroom he wants to use because he might get checked before he goes in.

I’m scared because many of my friends are minorities, and some of them may end up getting deported.

I’m scared that all of the LGBTQ rights people have fought for about four or so years may be destroyed.

I’m scared.

But then I realized something this morning—-something I feel people are forgetting right now.

Four years is a long time. And things could happen. 

There’s one thing we need to do, now even more than ever. One thing that people have been saying all morning.

We all need to help each other.

We need to have faith that these lemons, whatever they may be, can be turned into lemonade; but we have to do the turning.

And who knows? In 2020 (oh boy), he may not be reelected.

But we must remember—– we need to remember —- to help each other.